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Peach Mango Extra Strength 5-Hour ENERGY Shot 12 Bottles

Peach Mango Extra Strength 5-Hour ENERGY Shot 12 Bottles

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Peach Mango Extra Strength 5-Hour ENERGY Shot
Now 5 hour energy shots comes in blended flavor of peach and mango. This Peach Mango flavored Extra strength 5-hour energy shots got the unbeatable blend of B-vitamins, amino acids and caffeine that can give you extra boost. Grab a peach mango flavored Extra Strength 5-hour Energy shot.


  • Model: Cheap 5 Hour Peach Mango Extra Strength 
  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs


Model: 12 Bottles ( 1 box )Shipping Weight: 3lbsManufactured by: 5 Hour Energy Living Essential

5 Hour Energy

5 Hour Energy OverviewChaser 5-hour energy shots have been around for years and became popular among people who are looking to boost their day with energy. This 5-hour energy drink is made carefully with energy boosting formula that doesn't contain unwanted calories of sugar. As a whole it doesn't have any unwanted ingredients compared to any other energy drinks and energy shots. Unlike other energy drinks, 5-hr energy shots do not come in big bottles of sugary liquid that can end up giving you energy crash or unwanted calories. Overall, this sugar-free energy shot is easy to carry in purse or pocket.

Theory of tasteless energy drinks have been proven wrong in front of 5-hour energy. Yes, 5-hour energy drinks comes in flavors that makes easier for your to consume the product. No more medicine like taste, instead you can get shots in different flavors such as: berry, pomegranate, grape, orange and lemon lime. Regardless of taste, it comes in a small size bottle so very less amount of liquid portion to consume. Based on your preference either you can consume portion of the bottle or entire bottle. If you are planning to try Chaser's energy drink first time then it is recommended to go with half bottle rather than full bottle. It will help you gauge your sensitivity towards energy booster. Being liquid energy shot, it works faster and quicker compared to tablet or capsule energy supplements. 5-hour energy drink has been popular among population looking to have a busy tiring day such as hikers, joggers etc.

5-hour energy ingredients play a major role to make it more effective. It is just not caffeine filled drink. It also contains B-Vitamins and amino acids that help you get energy boost and provide long lasting energy without having energy crash. It is far away from the typical caffeine drink which usually gives you lift but later on worst energy-crash. This product has been proven and worked very well compared to other capsules and tablets.

Suggested UseTo Get Maximum Energy: Recommended to drink entire bottle at one time. To Get Moderate Energy: Recommended to drink a half bottle or portion of the bottle. Make sure to re-seal bottle.

5-hr Energy Shot WarningsThis product contains caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee. You should consume caffeine products based on your sensitivity to caffeine to avoid nervousness and/or sleeplessness. Some individual might experience hot feeling, skin redness and/or itchiness for few minutes upon consumption of energy drinks. It is caused by Vitamin-B that increases blood flow near the skin. It should not be consumed by children under 12 years of age.

About 5 Hour Energy DistributorLiving essentials is the distributor of 5 hour energy shots. These energy shots keep you awake, alert and provide energy boost without having energy crash.

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Started with regular strength 5 Hour Energy Berry flavor and sharing the extra strength flavors to even boost energy level more. 5 Hour Energy shots are quick, simple and effective.

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